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Volunteers needed!
To work AT the III European Festival of the Deaf

Currently we are looking for:

  • Researchers
  • People to help organize and(or) to attend art exhibitions, drama performances, and other artistic events during the Festiwal
  • Translators of English, German, Czech and Spanish language
  • Graffiti artists
  • Drummers, stilt-walkers, jugglers, street-musicians
And other gifted and talented people, who are having something interesting to offer and would like to share and enrich the Festival experience from the 9th till 12th of September 2009 in Łódź, Poland.

We are looking for people with passion and enthusiasm, always eager willing to developer.
You can find more info about the Festival at: www.festiwal.pzg.lodz.pl

We are offering:

  • A chance to test your organizational skills at the Festival
  • References
  • Induction training including:
    • Sign-language basics
    • Information on the deaf art
    • Information concerning the 3rd edition of the Festival
  • Work experience
  • Constant co-operation during the upcoming events in future for everyone interested

All interested persons are asked to send the registration card until the 15th August at: efson@pzg.lodz.pl

Registration card is provided at: www.festiwal.pzg.lodz.pl

For further information, please contact Edyta Lala

tel. +48 42 273 30 31 ext. 23, festiwal@pzg.lodz.pl